Destinatários em Geral
This course is for those who successfully completed the first level course or for those who have a similar level of knowledge (if you haven´t attended the first level course at the CLCC we provide the possibility to determine your level).

Objetivo Geral
This course will help you further your Portuguese communication skills and develop specific grammar and conversation knowledges. By the end of the course you should be ablte to describe actions and certain events using both the present and past tenses as well as give an advice or share your opinion regarding everyday situations.

Objetivos Específicos

Students who frequent this course, should, at the end of it, be able to:

  • Give detailed advice
  • Describe and understand directions
  • Describe actions and happenings in the past
  • Give an opinion
  • Describe and understand usual actions in the past
  • Write a letter

  • Leisure time: present tense and prepositions [8 h]
  • Personal likes and dislikes: adjectives and future tense [8 h]
  • Directions and locations [8 h]
  • Memories: describing events using the past tense [10 h]
  • Past events and stories: Imperfect past tense [10 h]
  • Addressing others: congratulating and apologizing [6 h]

Participants will be awarded a CLCC Certificate of Completion in the end of the course.

The class is taught by a specialized and qualified trainer. Our trainers are Portuguese and teach their mother tongue, but speak and understand English and/or German and/or French.




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