This course is for anyone who wishes to take the first step in learning Portuguese and it will help people who live in or visit Portugal to have the necessary basic communication skills.
The main goal of this course is to teach the basics of the Portuguese language, in a way that anyone can write and understand simple written and spoken sentences, present himself/herself and speak about everyday situations.
At the end of this course you should be able to:
  • Carry out a simple conversation
  • Give personal information and understand given information in this context
  • Talk about countries, cities and nationalities
  • Talk about situations of everyday life (e.g. at the post office, bank, bakery, etc.)
  • Ask questions and state preferences
  • Write an easy letter using simple vocabulary
  • Use the vocabulary and some key expressions about the human body and health in general.
  • The first contact with the Portuguese language– the alphabet, salutations and sounds [6 h]
  • How to present yourself and others, nationalities, professions and the negative form [9 h]
  • Family: family relations, the time, daily routine, possessive pronoums [8 h]
  • Directions: knowing your way around, using prepositions of place [7 h]
  • Describing your home: vocabulary and grammar tips [10 h]
  • At the table: meals, food and beverages, how to cook and how to order [10 h]
  • Fashion and clothing: men, women, colours, patterns and sizes [9 h]
  • Body and mind: the human body, going to the doctor and describing symptoms, health and well-being [9 h]
The class is taught by a specialized and qualified trainer. Our trainers are Portuguese and teach their mother tongue, but speak and understand English and/or German and French. At the end of the course, the student will be presented with a CLCC Diploma with proof of attendance.
Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in the end of the course.
Portuguese Beginners
TípoGeneral Course
Duração50 hours
Início15/07/2020 [curso ref_1289]
Certificação nº.-222 Línguas e literaturas estrangeiras
The payment can be made in 3 instalments of 130€
Payment of the total amount before the course starts - 5% discount

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