This training program is directed to people who are interested in cooperating with youth support projects in Portugal, carrying out individual educational activities with children and adolescents, and taking care of them in their own family unit.
The main goal is to provide to the children and adolescents the means to learn social skills, with which they are expected to be more tolerant towards situations that lead to frustration and to deal more appropriately with aggression, while assuring educational and vocational assistance in order to facilitate their reintegration into society.
  • To establish a clear connection between theory and practice;
  • To recognize and classify certain events and processes during everyday counselling;
  • To gain a more conscious attitude as a counsellor;
  • To improve self-reflection skills regarding your own thinking and behaviour patterns;
  • To extend practical abilities and resources as a counsellor.
  1      Introduction & Basiscs on Living and Working with Adolescents
  3      Parental Power(-lesness)
  4      Conflict Resolution
  5      Crises Management
  6      Trauma
  7      Addiction and Prevention
  8      Behaviours and their Backgrounds
  9      Working with Adolescents between Counselling and Private Life
10      Final Presentations & Evaluation
  2      Family- and Care-Systems

After completing the basic course, the participants will receive a national vocational qualification certificate as "Monitor de Integração Social de Adolescentes" (translated as "Counselor for Social Integration of Adolescents"), which allows the attendance to the next training sections (Advanced I & II).

Upon completion of the Advanced Course I a Certificate of attendance is issued. With the conclusion of the Advanced Course II , the participant will receive a national vocational qualification certificate as „Terapeuta Ocupacional de Jovens com Dificuldades de Integração" (translated as "Occupational Therapist for Adolescents with Integration Difficulties").

NOTE:This qualifies the participants on a continuing vocational training level, in Portugal and is highly valued by the youth care projects and German youth protection servicer. Anyhow, it does not replace a high school or an academic degree, an occupational apprenticeship, nor the professional support of the youth services projects. Therefore this training does not meet the requirements to acquire a “Carteira Profissional” (Professional Licence) as a Occupational Therapist.

  • Secondary school or work experience with adolescents
  • The following documents have to be delivered in Portuguese: Certificate (Secondary School or work experience), a copy of the passport, Portuguese tax number and a CV.
  • Counsellor for Social Integration of Adolescents
    CLCC em Portimão
    TípoContinuing vocational Training
    Duração40 hours
    Certificação nº.-762 Trabalho social e orientação

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