If you live in or visit Portugal frequently, learning the Portuguese language becomes a key element in your integration on a personal and / or professional level and in creating close ties with the residents. When learning a new language, barriers are overcome, and doors are opened to new opportunities.

The CLCC teaching method, with live online courses is based on virtual classes taught by teachers who are native speakers, so that the learning process is as effective as possible, and, in addition to the language, the culture and customs of the country are also taught.

The course focusses on teaching students a good use of the language, fluidity, comprehension and good pronunciation. All content will be given in a practical way, without neglecting the required grammar.

This course is aimed at all those interested in learning Portuguese with a native language teacher, yet within a group environment.
This course's main objective's to develop the participants' ability to use Portuguese in their day-to-day activities in a confident and correct way, both in social and personal situations.

At the end of the course the trainee is able to:

  • Do a daily routin description;
  • write simple messages;
  • talk about personal preferences;
  • identify vocabulary related to the home and family;
  • verbalize directions;
  • describe objects and their position.
1Daily Routines0,0
2The family and our Home0,0
3Guidelines in the city0,0

Every session of the course will be taught by a native teacher through virtual classroom software, on the days and times defined in the initial schedule. The sessions will be accompanied by digital teaching material adapted specifically for this course, and will be made available to participants before each session.

The online live language course is based on the Flipped Classroom method in which participants - before the session - can access the theoretical material, and the virtual class will be essentially applying and sharing exercises.

When you register for this course you will receive:

  • 100% live online sessions
  • Native and experienced teachers
  • Access to the 24h on-line platform
  • Use of a manual with interactive exercises
  • Classes adapted to the needs of the group
  • Support from the teacher via a forum

As a prerequisite for quality learning, we recommend using a computer or mobile device with stable access to the internet.

To ensure that the signal is stable, we recommend cable internet access.

A microphone is essential for this course and we also suggest the use of a webcam.

In the virtual sessions of the on-line live language courses, several tools are used to make the sessions as dynamic and interactive as possible. Students will be provided with a manual in digital format and interactive practical exercises.

Since the course is based on a practical methodology and active learning, all modules will be practiced and developed through various teaching techniques, grammatical knowledge, vocabulary, pronunciation and written and oral production.

After the successful completion of the course, a Professional Training Certificate will be issued, pursuant to Ordinance No. 474/2010 of 8th July.
The assessment is carried out throughout the course on an ongoing basis, and various assessment work will be carried out throughout the course. This course will also have a final evaluation.
CLCC em Portimãocurso online em direto
TípoVocational online training
Duração25 hours
Certificação nº.-222 Línguas e literaturas estrangeiras

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