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About us

CLCC – Centro de Línguas, Cultura e Comunicação is a private educational institute. Since it was created in 1991, our company grew dynamically, and although the construction was originally completed in two years, the building had to keep growing and improving as well. The architecture of the school building reflects the link between quality, transparency and a close relationship with the customer and their needs.

We offer initial and ongoing training with innovative, modern methods, which meet the high demands of our rapidly changing world. With this support, our clients are able to reach their fullest potential and successfully follow their own path.
Our teachers have academic training and extensive experience in their field of expertise. Together, we strive to be able to achieve the goals we set ourselves and to meet our clients’ educational goals.

CLCC is an educational institute recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Education, by the Directorate General for Employment and Labour Relations (DGERT) and by the British Council. This guarantees the highest quality and reliability of our service.


Our clients and their needs, demands and desire to develop their knowledge are in the centre of our activities.

Commitment, perseverance and, above all, passion is the key to customer satisfaction.
In CLCC, this entrepreneurial maxim has always determined our work. Consequently, all of our team – teachers and all other members from the staff – are competent in their fields and highly educated and feel great pleasure in what they do.

The major pillars of our work are: commitment, passion, flexibility and expertise.


  • We guarantee our students initial and ongoing training with commitment, passion, flexibility and expertise and also a unique learning experience;
  • We take into account all wishes and demands of our clients in order to assure growing personal success as a result of the received training;
  • We observe the ongoing changes in society and in the modern working world and guarantee flexible, creative and ambitious training consistent with the practical requirements of daily and business processes.

Our education institution and our service primarily aim at people who

  • want to learn new languages and discover new cultures
  • want to update or expand already existing knowledge
  • have other reasons to dedicate themselves to language learning or sign up to a specialized language training course (specialized courses for tourism and hotel business, for economy, for healthcare professions, etc.)
  • want to add new knowledge and skills to their CV
  • want to start something new just because of interest or curiosity

Location, premises and technical equipment

CLCC is located in a privileged area in an attractive urban square near Portimão town centre. Important facilities like the post office, banks, pharmacies, restaurants, cultural institutions, and shopping centre are located in the immediate vicinity.

CLCC values comfort and security. Our school offers amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a library and a Café. Either you are waiting for your lesson to start or if you just want to rest a little after an ambitious learning session – you’ll find what you are looking for. We do our best to make you feel at home.

The CLCC – Centro de Línguas, Cultura e Comunicação is a private educational institute founded in 1991.

Come visit us and take a look around. Maybe we can step together in the future!!