Who is meant for...

This course is for those who completed the intermediate level course successfully or for those who have a similar level of knowledge.

Overall Goal

To be fluent and an independent user of Portuguese language on a daily basis and to easily communicate with native speakers.

Specific Goals

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Start a conversation in a spontaneous way
  • Use advanced and specific vocabulary depending on the context
  • Debate different points of view on a given matter
  • Identifying different accents
  • Communicate easily with native speakers
  • Write long and detailed texts


Participants will be awarded a CLCC Certificate of Completion in the end of the course.

How it work

The class is taught by a specialized and qualified instructor. The instructors are Portuguese and teach their mother tongue, but speak and understand English and/or German.

During the class the emphasis is on practising the language, using a manual containing various reading, writing, grammar and oral exercises. The manual is complemented by role-play, games and audiovisual material.

General Information...

Duration;32 hours
Starting datePlease contact us for more information about the starting date
Area of Certification nº.-222 Línguas e literaturas estrangeiras
CategoryLínguas - Português com Língua Estrang.

Did you find the course suitable for you or do you have any question?

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